What symptoms or blockages are you experiencing?...

Are you feeling anxious or depressed?

Are you using substances or food to keep you from your ultimate relationship or calling?...

Have you just experienced a deep loss of a loved one, or work, or have you been displaced somehow?...

Or do you just sense there is "something"  holding you back from your deepest expression, if you could only uncover it?...










My Approach 

I hold a person-centered and a strength-based approach in my counseling sessions. Let's create a time together that allows you to tap into your deepest strengths and heart's desire. Inevitably, some delving into past influences or conditioning can be appropriate, and we will find the necessary amount for insightful understanding. However, re-connecting with your strengths will be key in bringing you to your vital transformation/s. 


 Your Concerns

Have you felt urged to make a change for sometime, but are feeling so much doubt or pain, it feels impossible?  Do depression and/or anxiety prevent you from taking those first steps?  Perhaps you're feeling centered and up beat, but can't quite build your momentum...With compassionate talk-therapy, and/or dynamic techniques of expressive art therapy, I can guide you into trusting your creative processes and personal strengths. We can uncover together what's holding you back and help you find the wonder of you once more. I work the with individuals, couples, and families to find the strengths in each.



That wonder comes most often when clients are able to release repressed feelings, trauma, addictive/habitual patterns, and relationship triggers that do not serve them any longer.


Next Steps 

Let yourself be assisted in restoring deep, focused listening skills that access your own wonder, your life's purpose, and your soul's calling. We can find these callings by recovering lost self-care, uncovering past or present grief, and releasing abuse or trauma.


I am happy to bring many tools to our sessions that not only draw from my MA and LPC in Psychotherapy, but also draw from my experience in teaching, performing, and sound therapy. With degrees in Voice, Theater and Dance, and certification in Sound Healing Therapy from Tom Kenyon, an array of techniques are available to use. But most importantly, I listen deeply and compassionately so that the space for healing and change is created. 



'In' and 'Out' of network provider with most insurances. We also can work out a payment plan, if finances are a challenge at this time.